The Scientifically Accurate Duo, Rick and Morty, are back for another Action Packed Season


Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

Warnermedia broke a long standing record when they announced the TV series Rick and Morty would be returning after a three year gap. Season four episode one was broadcasted on the tenth of November with episode two coming out the following week.

Many R&M fans noticed something off in the premiere of season four. The new episode brought a new era to the series. From camera panning to storyline, the first episode continues to kill off past season traits to emphasize the new beginning.

“A majority of the episode consisted of both Rick and Morty themselves wrestling with the existential question of what the ‘new’ Rick and Morty should be from now on. A litany of fourth-wall-breaking meta-jokes served as mouthpieces for criticisms that a subset of fans waged against the last season,” co-creator Dan Harmon summarized.

The people who participated in the creation of the show were also unique. Though severely exaggerated, the show does hire scientists to make plausible inventions and uses science to have lines in the script make sense. Part of why this show is loved by millions is the extensive detail as well as the major role of Easter eggs in the show. Season four contains over fifteen easter eggs in the first two episodes. Rick and Morty also racked up 5 million views daily since its release of season four. Episode two being just recently released already has 1.67 million views in America alone.

The often toxic sitcom is one of the top five most viewed animation series nationally.

People wanting to catch up with the show can go to the Adult Swim website or to Hulu. I for one am excited for the remaining episodes to come so I can hurry up and wait for season five.