What’s happening with the class of 2021


Zachariah Krause, Reporter

Class of 2021 is almost halfway through their third year of high school, what does that mean for them? What can we expect? Junior year may try its hardest to dampen its student’s moods, but the class of 2021 is fighting full force. Recently winning the school’s kick ball tournaments, 2021 is feeling confident right now.

I recently talked with the class of 2021 officers; Sam Martinez, Abby Valencia, Riley Speer, Shivani Panchal, and Melani Amarasekara. Explaining that they are planning a bunch of fundraisers so that we can make 21’s prom and grad night the greatest in Orcutt Academy history. Riley Speer informs me that OA will be having a movie night on December 12, open for all grades, and will be showing the movie ELF. To raise money, class of 2021 will be selling snacks, drinks, and blankets. Another way 2021 will be raising money is that they are selling food at OA’s basketball games.A dance that class of 2021 will be hosting and planning will be winter formal. They will receive all the proceeds from the dance. It is planned to take place the day after Valentine’s day, leaning away from the valentines theme so everyone can go. Sam Martinez responds, “the DJ is gonna be bumping, we’re going all out to have the best music and best quality sound systems for winter formal.” Class of 2021 still has a little time before prom and graduation. They are hoping they can go to Disneyland for grad night. For the prom’s theme, that’s a secret that you will have to wait for till next year.