Spartans Speak: What are your holiday traditions?


From Thanksgiving to New Years, what are your holiday traditions? We we around and asked some Spartans about their holiday traditions they have with their families.






Alex Sutton, Junior

“We all go to my grandpa’s house”













Ali Stockman, Junior

“We make sticky bread on christmas eve”












Ryan Lacaste, Sophomore

“We play bingo on christmas eve and it’s crazy because I always win”













Maya Rosas, Sophomore

“My family friend always makes green beans and they’re so good”













Dean Samuel, Junior

“Seeing my cousins in Morgan Hill, California because we spend fun time together”













Zachery Burnham, Junior

“After we eat all of our food my family and I go on a long hike or walk around to burn off the food we just ate, then we go and watch tv.”












John Dell’Armo, Teacher

“The entire family gets together at someone’s house and we bake almost 30 different types of cookies.”













Abigail Valencia, Junior

“Every year after our Thanksgiving dinner my family goes to see a new movie. This year we are going to see Frozen 2.













Marianna Chavez, Senior

“Going on a 5 mile run with my family every year right before our big Thanksgiving dinner.”













Vanessa Salazar, Senior

“My mom and I go blak Friday shopping every year for new clothes and other stuff.”













Lucas Kantarowski, Senior

“Our house is always the one to host and I always love hanging out with family during the holidays. Especially Christmas because we get to exchange gifts and show our thoughts for each other.”












Cassidy Sullivan, Freshman

“I like going over to my mom’s best friend’s house during New Years Eve. We have this big party and sing karaoke songs, do the countdown and watch a bunch of shows until 3am.”












Kira Hopkins, Senior

“The day after Thanksgiving my family and I get all our decorations out for Christmas. I really like it because we are all together. For Black Friday I usually shop with my mom in San Luis to see what we can get for Christmas.













Kristin Bornhoft, Teacher

“I like having time off work and being able to cook, bake, and eat with my family. I enjoy Thanksgiving the most just because there is so little pressure, whereas during Christmas there is much more pressure to buy gifts.”













Allyson Britt, Senior

“Ugly Christmas sweaters and white elephant.”














Anabella Decker, Senior 

“I make all of thanksgiving dinner and it’s fun because I make pies as well.”













Katelyn Hess, Junior

“Drinking hot chocolate and watching christmas movies.”














Mason Picek, Senior

“Going out to breakfast with my family Christmas day.”














Cameron Carpenter, Senior















Miranda Mejia, Junior

“Every Christmas season me and my family make homemade ornaments and on Christmas Eve we hang them up on the tree according to the year it was made.”