Spartan Speak: Favorite end of the year activity


The students of journalism went around Orcutt Academy and asked them the question, “What is your favorite activity to do with your family and friends from Thanksgiving to New Years?”

“Being in the kitchen with my mom, like making cakes and stuff. That’s literally it.”

-Isis Perez, Sophomore

“Honestly this is a boring activity, but I just love playing board games with my family or like dominos which is sort of weird…but yeah.”

-Kyle Quinlan, Junior

“We always watch Christmas movies right after Thanksgiving, and we all pack into the car to black Friday. And then on New Years, we have a big party and the blocks neighbors come over, and everyone comes into town.”

-Taty Rojas, Junior

“I get Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve with my whole family.”

Michael Egbert, Junior

“I enjoy opening presents.”

-Andrew Park, Junior

“We get up really early for Christmas day so around 4 am to open presents so we can go back to sleep as soon as possible so my brother doesn’t attack us.”

-Zachariah Krause, Junior

“We have the youngest in the family put up the star on the tree.”

-Vanessa Lopez, Sophomore

 “Every Christmas eve after dinner me and my brothers open one present but it’s always pajamas that we open so we can wear them on Christmas day.”

-Lucy Genge, Sophomore

“My moms side of the family does a secret Santa.”

-Isabella Macias, Sophomore