Is Countdown worth your time?



A new movie called Countdown was released in theatres on October 25th, 2019. Although it had much publicity, important elements were missing and filled with unnecessary scenes.

Countdown is a film about an app that tells people when they are going to die. When a nurse, played by Elizabeth Lail, finds out she only has a couple days left to live, she quickly tries to “change her fate” with the help of a new friend she makes along the way.

Filmakers tried to replace their lack of plot with random jump scares all throughout the film. The scares were unoriginal and did not have much context . Some parts were also rushed and confusing during the film; apparently, directors believed that developing a relationship with a stranger while having an old demon come after you was important to the plot.

All of these negatives were made up, however, by the characters’ acting; they truly seemed as though they were afraid of dying. One big scene that helped the movie not be a complete bust was the ending where the main character sacrificed her life in order to save her sister. There was a surprise ending that shocked the audience and will eventually lead to the plot in the second movie, which they are planning to make.