Spartan Speak: What are your Thanksgiving traditions?



Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is coming. To get into the Thanksgiving spirit, I asked a few students at Orcutt Academy what they do every year on Thanksgiving with their friends and family.

Sophomore Mikayla Quayle says, “I visit my dad that lives in Las Vegas and spend time with family and puppers.”

Junior Abraham Villanueva exclaims, “Playing latena!”

Sophomore Mia Brown states, “Going to the park and playing volleyball with my family.”

Sophomore Ashlynne Norrie explains, “Going to my grandparents house and making homemade gravy.”

Sophomore Mackenzie Mcgee excitedly says, “We do a pot luck and stay in our pjs!”

Sophomore Jordan Huizenga says, “We go hunt our birds and then eat them.”

Sophomore Kathryn Cardona states, “I always make homemade pecan rolls with my mother.”

Sophomore Cody Funkhouser explains, “My grandma makes empinadas every year.”

Sophomore Jose Jimenez says, “I just get together with my entire family and eat dinner.”

Sophomore Casey Gamblin mentions, “My dad made a song called the 12 Hours of Thanksgiving that we sing each year.”