Harry Styles makes a comeback



On November 4th, Harry Styles made a post on the social media platform Instagram, announcing he would be releasing an album on December 13th, 2019. After a two year hiatus, the internet is blowing up with this new and exciting announcement.

Harry Styles performed with ex boyband One Direction for the last time in December of 2015. Styles evidently took two years off of performing to focus on creating an album of his own and starring in war movie Dunkirk, which was released July 21, 2017.

Styles released his first self titled album in May of 2017. Longtime fan of One Direction and senior at Orcutt Academy High School Hayley Parker states, “I felt like it was very different from the style of music One Direction produced…I loved Harry’s album because it was a true portrayal of his style of music; you could tell he was producing what he wanted, rather than what he believed fans would like, unlike One Direction.”

Alongside the announcement of his coming album titled Fine Line, Styles has also released tour dates, including a show at Madison Square Garden on July 6, 2020, and more locally, the Forum on September 6, 2020.

Styles has released two songs that present themselves on the album, titled, “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar.” Along with the release of these songs, on November 19th, Styles released the track list of his new album, gaining more publicity from the media.

“I think this album is going to be different than his last,” Parker shares, “‘Lights Up’ is very different compared to his previous album, however, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ has the same feel as his self titled album.”

Regardless of what style the coming album is, fans are more than ready for it.