How to: be single in high school



The single pringle lifestyle is not for everyone and there is no shame in that. However, for those of us too tentative to tango in the small pond of high school dating, here are some tips to survive the journey. 


Tip # 1: Get to know yourself


Tons of people in their ‘formative’ years fall head over heels for someone and hyper focus on the relationship. Alone time is key; take yourself to coffee or lunch and read a book. Get to know you outside of relationships. In a recent study, psychologists found that people who emphasized their own happiness on a daily basis were significantly more content than those who did not. Finding out what you like and don’t like isn’t narcissistic – it’s healthy. 


Tip  # 2: Get a hobby or a new activity


As cliche as this seems, picking up a new language, starting a blog, or learning to cook are great to fill time and destress (time that would typically be spent watching Netflix… or rewatching The Office for the third time). Having a monthly or weekly hangout with friends is a great thing to look forward to as well – single or otherwise. 


Tip # 3: Invest in a streaming service, or three 


While your friends go out on date nights or watch their boyfriends play football, you have something even better: Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Scott, and Zac Efron, all at your fingertips. But, do not make the number one mistake of a single night at home – do not watch a romance, not The Vow, not The Notebook; this applies to guys too.It will only end in tears and desperation, not all of us have the budget for that many tissues. 


Watch anything else: action, comedy, or even one of those dreaded AnimalPlanet documentaries. Hulu and Amazon HBO both have a great selection of comedies and box office hits. Disney + is also a great option for childhood throwback binges. 


Tip # 4: Don’t follow creepy clickbait hacks for single people


We’ve all seen the video of a teenage girl making a ‘boyfriend pillow’ to cuddle with. Do not do it. It’s unhealthy to obsess over things like relationships; if you can’t be happy alone you’ll never be happy with someone else. Even if the ‘person’ is a poorly stitched, wonky shaped pillow you spritz with cologne and refer to as Steve.    


Best of luck to the Spartans reading this article on the obvious joys of being single. Hang in there.