Should you be upset about thanksgiving break being shortened?


Kris Gilbertson and Isis Perez

Opinions about the shortened Thanksgiving break have varied wildly amongst students. Some appreciate the fun activities teachers and ASB will put on while others just want to sleep in and enjoy relaxing. Before making a decision, here’s why a short Thanksgiving break is a good/bad idea.


Who doesn’t love summer? This year Orcutt Academy’s last day of school is scheduled to be on June 5th, 2020. That gives students, and staff about two months of stress free, leisure time. This information is relevant because, although we don’t have the full week off for Thanksgiving break, those days are counted for an earlier summer than most other schools this year. In the past and even recently in the 2018-2019 school year, Orcutt Academy did have a full week off for Thanksgiving break, but resulted in classes ending on June 12th. Without the full week off, this year’s summer is lengthened by a whole week!

Also, December is the month when finals take place. That is less than a month away from Thanksgiving which is on November 28th of this year. With a shorter Thanksgiving break, students can remember all the material they’ve worked so hard to learn throughout the year and be fully prepared with remembering information they will need to pass their final! Although it may be a two day difference, that can be a lot of time to forget material when no studying or class time to review for the final is less than 30 days away. Students will be better prepared with a shortened Thanksgiving break. 



Besides the obvious problem of having more school, is there anything wrong with adding a couple extra days to the school schedule now so we can take more off for summer? I think everybody will come to their own conclusion but let’s lay down the facts.

School has always been a stress producing part of people’s childhood. Having an entire week off just to relax and not worry about papers due or tests to study for is the best way to dump a load off students’ backs. Yet, this year’s break being only three days compared to the five from last year is going to leave an unnerving presence for students as teachers give homework and study guides for the duration of the break.

And what about the teachers that are more lax on the day’s leading up to a longer break from school. Students are still supposed to go to class even though several of their teacher have the intention of turning on a movie and nothing else. Of course kids appreciate not having to do real school work, but it’s not beneficial for children in anyway. It is a waste of precious childhood time.

And what would an argument about lengthening school breaks be if their wasn’t some science tossed in to make the claims look official. In 2016, psychologist Karrie E. Godwin, performed two studies showing just how beneficial a break from deep thought was for a student. She found in her census of over 50 classrooms of varying grades, students who were given extra time off for school were more willing to engage and participate in the class. They were also less likely to be distracted and showed an increase in obtained knowledge shown in their work. 

Well there you have it. Is twelve extra hours of school really worth the stress and inconvenience? Let us at the Oracle know what you think by clicking on this here and filling out the survey. Have a great turkey day Spartans!