First or nothing: a Puffs review


Victoria Mora, reporter

Orcutt Academy High School’s production of the off-Broadway show Puffs, had audiences laughing within the first few seconds!


Puffs is a parody of the famous Harry Potter movies and shows the hardships and the joy of being in the Hufflepuff house. 


It was definitely worth the $10 ticket fee.  The actors seemed to know all their lines, if they did forget some, they did a great job of continuing and making it unnoticeable. They also did great with making the comedy seem natural. A few actors also had many different roles, and portrayed each of them perfectly. It was extremely easy to tell which character was on stage, of course costumes helped out with that too. There were a few issues with microphones, but even with them off at times, the actors were able to make their voices protrude. The sound crew was working hard to solve the problems and had amazing timing with the sound effects over all. 


Sadly, the cast had their final show November 16th. Michael Shaw did an incredible job in directing the students and making sure the play would be enjoyable for all audiences. The cast and crew should be proud of themselves for bringing the production to life.