Official or unofficial coach?

Mr. John Dell’Armo is known to be very popular among students as one of the very few math teachers at Orcutt Academy. Students approach Dell’Armo for advice beyond school-related subjects and  even create close friendships with him. But what about his role as a coach?


For the past several years, Dell’Armo has been the assistant coach for boys’ varsity basketball and swim. Athletes have revealed him to be caring and supportive as he regularly attended all practices and games. However, this year, many have had their suspicions on whether he has actively participated in his tasks as an instructor, saying he is a “fake” and “unofficial” coach. Dell’Armo decided to comment on the accusations, stating, “I’m not taking much of an active role this year, as I have in years past. This year I’ve taken a step back, but I still wanted to work with the team.” 


Rather than running drills and coaching the athletes, Dell’Armo decided to help students with gathering information about the season activities instead, acting more as a team manager. He reveals, “I’m more of an on-campus contact person for the players. When we have meetings, we’ll do it here in my room. I’ll collect paperwork and give information out to the kids. Because our regular coaches are not teachers here, that’s what I help out with. So students come to me when they have questions during school.” Even though Dell’Armo is not always at the games and practices, he does his best to be active when he does attend. 


So why do people give Dell’armo the title of an “unofficial” coach? Rumors have spread that he has been getting paid without actually “coaching” the athletes. Is this true? Dell’armo responds, “ I don’t get the assistant coach stipe-in. To my knowledge, this is my first year working on the basketball team where I’m not getting paid.” He believes this is the reason why students think he is considered a “pretend” coach. Despite all the false rumors being spread around campus, Dell’Armo still enjoys working at Orcutt Academy High School as a mathematics teacher and an assistant coach.