The reason behind our dry hair


Isis Perez, Reporter

Everything has ingredients. The common ingredients that people care about are food and beverages but should hair shampoo be added to that list? There are many people who complain about the dryness of their hair, which may mean there is something in the shampoo used that is the cause for dryness. It turns out sulfate is to blame. 

Sulfates are highly effective at cleaning your hair and scalp, and they give shampoo that lather that’s synonymous with a thorough cleanse. However, the lather comes at a cost: the cause for the lather is Sodium lauryl sulfate, which is the harshest of the sulfates. It is known to dry out your hair very quickly as it is the same ingredient used in Dawn dish soap according to Mary Futher, founder of Kaia Naturals Cosmetics. 

When asking the question “What type of shampoo do you use?” to five people, all had the same kind of reaction: confusion and surprise. It is not the typical question a person is asked, but it is a question that should be given some thought. 


“I use water and like sometimes wash it,” responded senior Marc Valdez.


“I use Pantene why?,” asked sophomore Lucy Genge.


“I use moroccan oil shampoo and it is sulfate free,” said sophomore Vanessa Lopez.


“I started using sulfate free shampoo not too long ago and my hair has felt healthier and more soft ever since,” said junior Alan Coburn. 


“Aussie and Pantene,” said sophomore Sophia Molina.


Many women, men, as well as professionals have recognized the damages sulfates cause and have been making the change. It is a positive change for healthier hair and luckily, there are tons of sulfate-free shampoos on the market, ranging from bottles you can find at your local CVS to costly salon-grade brands so you can try it too!