Student of the Month goes to Isabel Guerrero!

Isis Perez, Reporter

It has been proven that with a little bit of hard work and dedication, there is a lot more opportunities possible for yourself. Orcutt Academy’s Isabel Guerrero is a perfect example of this.


Student of the month is something to be proud of. What is it you might ask? It is when a student gets recognized by the local Elk’s chapter for the hard work they do in school as well as in their community.


Isabel loves to get involved and has done a great job at it since the beginning of her high school career. This student has been apart of the Robotics team during all four years at Orcutt Academy, as well as some years beforehand, is currently the Business Captain of the team, and Class of 2020 President. Community service is also a big thing for Isabel and expressed that since freshman year she’s worked at. 


Being a senior, Isabel has a simple schedule. Her schedule consists of four classes including being a Teacher’s Assistant, still challenges herself by taking Allan Hancock classes. However, even as a senior, grades and time management are still important. 


“I know while this is the end of high school this isn’t the end of my educational plan, so this year is still important and I know if I slack off this year It’ll make next year so much harder for me.”


After high school, her plan is to go to a 4-year university, hopefully UCLA but anything within the UC system is her goal. Isabel currently wants to major in biochemistry but really likes environmental science which was a passion ignited since AP Biology in sophomore year.


The best advice she could give to others is to get involved since the beginning of high school because it really does pay off in the end.