Top 10 Orcutt Academy Teachers to dress as for Halloween


Hey Spartans, have you ever wanted to dress just like your favorite teachers at OA? Use this guide to get a perfect matched look to the teachers you love.


  1. Mr. Shaw

For Mr. Shaw’s iconic look you’ll need a semi-bald cap and glasses. One of his essentials is a golfer hat and crew shorts. But don’t forget to get a fake beard, and maybe a box of original Cheez-Its, to complete the look.


  1. History Mason/ Math Mason (same person)(one’s better than the other)

Things you’ll need for the Mason look is leather sandals, a flannel, and jeans. This will make you look like a true surfer and a true Mason.


  1. Mr. Fredriks

To look like Mr.Fredriks, you’ll need a luscious grey wig, a white long-sleeve turtleneck with a college t-shirt over it, some new balance “dad shoes,” and of course, the signature sunglasses that hang around your neck.


  1. Ms. Montgomery

For Ms. Montgomery you’ll need a long brown hair wig, glasses, and a classy look to tie it off.


  1. Ms. Lopez

To look just like Ms. Lopez you’ll need to curl your hair, wear a sweatshirt and skinny jeans, and don’t forget her signature broche.


  1. Mr. Gelotti

To recreate Mr. Gelotti’s look you’ll need a Pittsburgh steelers jersey. That’s it.


  1. Mr. Mcmanus

To dress just like Mcmanus you’ll need cargo shorts, a plaid shirt, Filas, and a fake beard.


  1. Mr. Bennett

Mr. Bennett’s look takes real commitment. You’ll need, gym shorts, a bald cap, and no shoes. And you’ll have to move to Oregon.


  1. Mrs. Graunke

To look like the perfect mom, you’ll need dress pants, a blouse, and sandals. 


  1. Mr. Ciervo

Lastly, to look just like Mr. Ciervo you’ll need black vans, a dress shirt, dress pants, and an acoustic guitar.