Life of a teenage photographer


Orcutt Academy senior, Alyssa Samaniego, is pursuing her passion and focusing her future career around photography.  Over her high school years, she has been creating and growing her photography skills and business. Samaniego’s interest and dedication have helped lead her to success at a young age. 


For the past 5 years, Samaniego has been experimenting and finding her own style of photography. She loves to capture people and their emotions in the moment. “I love to do shoots people, I’ll go out with my friends and do a random shoot…the only ones I truly like to keep are the ones of her [friend] laughing because it shows her real smile.” She started out taking portraits for just $20, but now photographs weddings and takes senior photos. During freshman year, she discovered her growing passion for photography. Samaniego then proceeded to create her own website to further her business. She also has an Instagram page where she shares many of her beautiful photos. 


Having a plan and support from those around you is an important part of following your passions. Samaniego explains her support and inspiration,  “The main person who pushes me to keep pursuing it, is Mr. McManus (Orcutt Academy’s photography teacher).” Samaniego has taken all of the classes Mr. McManus has to offer for photography.  At Orcutt Academy, there are many caring people, which is essential for encouraging others in what they are doing. 


Since her love and passion for photography has grown significantly these past years, Alyssa Samaniego has decided to weave it into her future career. After graduating high school, she plans on going into the Army to become a  photographer journalist. This will allow her to be creative, along with continuing photography. Check out her Samaniego’s work at