For whom the bell sounds

Chapter 1

The Morrow’s were a happy couple. Always smiling and laughing without any worries. However, their little daughter, Raven, cried endlessly when frustrated. When she cried, her parents would hand her a small silver bell to ease her senses. If shaken, the bell would emit a beautifully soothing sound, calming all those whose ears could reach it. If Raven was ever sad, angry, or frustrated, she would ring the bell to stabilize her emotions. As she grew older, the little girl brought the charm with her wherever she went, creating a strong emotional bond between her and the bell. Raven eventually became too attached, becoming dysfunctional whenever it wasn’t in reach.

On her thirteenth birthday, her parents decided to celebrate by taking a vacation. On the way to the airport, the Morrow family  fell victim to a severe car crash. Though suffering from major injuries to her head and chest, the daughter was the only one who survived the accident. Hours later, when the police came to search the car, only the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Morrow were discovered. Raven had run away and into the nearby woods in shock. She ran faster and faster through the trees, in complete disbelief of what had happened. As she ran further into the mysterious woods, she came face to face with  an abandoned house with no windows, broken stairs, and only one door. Without thinking, she went inside, trying to escape the existence of reality. She rang her bell to kill the silence within the house. Then, at exactly midnight, Raven heard the front door open. Terrified, she hid in a small closet, hoping that she would not be found. It seemed like an eternity until she heard the door creak again, this time hearing footsteps exiting the house. 

She assumed she was safe and came out of the closet. As she searched the house for anything odd, she found her parents hanging from the ceiling with a rope around their necks. Confused and horrified, Raven ran to the door in a hurry, only to find  she was trapped inside with all doors locked. To haunt, Raven for the rest of her life, she was imprisoned inside the abandoned house, unable to escape from the eternal laughter of her mother and father. 


Chapter 2

⎯⎯took place at 8:00 on April 29th. Police have responded to a report from the locals to discover the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Morrow. About a week has passed since their deaths and the physical damage was severe. Both bodies were wounded with several bones, a punctured chest cavity and multiple ruptured organs. The couple’s daughter, Raven Morrow, was nowhere to be found. Following this horrific event⎯⎯

“I can’t believe it. That’s terrible.” Mr. and Mrs. Rowell were watching the morning news as they ate breakfast with their three children: Alyzah, Liam, and Jason. 

“I know. I heard it was the kid’s birthday too,” replied Mr. Rowell. 

“Well, we’ll all just have to pray that something like this won’t happen to us, okay?” The couple stood up from their seats and grabbed their jackets from the coat rack. “You know what to do kids. Don’t let Jason out of your sight.”

“Yeah, we know. Have fun on your date night,” answered Alyzah.


Chapter 3

“Come on Alyzah! Let’s play!”

Thirteen-year-old Liam and Alyzah were at the park near the woods late in the afternoon. They were taking a break from babysitting their six year old brother, Jason, until their parents came home.

”It’s getting dark. Shouldn’t we be getting ready for bed?” asked Alyzah.

“But the weather is so nice out here! It feels great!” exclaimed Liam. 

Convinced, Alyzah decided to let her brothers stay outside a little longer. As the children continued to play, time was beginning to pass quickly. The sky turned blacker each second without the kids noticing. Suddenly, from deep within the woods they saw a dark figure wandering through the trees, as if it were looking at something. It turned to look at Alyzah and Liam. They gazed at the creature and noticed it had glowing white eyes, brighter than flashlights. And the way it moved, swaying across the ground so lightly, as if it was floating. The siblings stared at the creature in horror. When the figure caught the children’s gaze, it quickly vanished into thin air. As soon as the mysterious being disappeared, Liam bolted into the woods. He wanted to see who it was; he needed to. 

Alyzah, on the other hand, wasn’t thinking and went to chase after Liam. 

“Liam!” she yelled, “Come back!”

They two kids scurried through the dark woods until Liam suddenly came to a stop. Standing right in front of them was an old abandoned house lying in the middle of the woods. The house had no windows, just a huge door that looked as if it was about to break at any moment. All around the house were scratch marks. The stairs and railings in the front of the house were broken and the front porch had a hole right in front of the door, like someone had fallen through it. 

Liam faced the door and lifted his hand to the knob, careful around the hole in the porch. Just as he was about to turn the knob, Alyzah pulled his hand back. 

“What were you thinking? Mom and Dad are probably looking for us! You can’t just run out like that!” Alyzah bellowed. She felt worried, angry, scared, and curious, all at once. 

Liam ignored her and opened the door regardless. Suddenly, something tapped them on the shoulder. The two of them jumped and screamed. When they turned around, they saw their baby brother, Jason, laughing as hard as he could. 

“Jason!” Liam and Alyzah yelled together. Then, almost immediately, a big rush of wind pushed all three of them inside the house. The door shut behind them and they all tried to open it. It was no use. They were trapped. The three siblings huddled together, frozen and unable to make any movements. Suddenly, they felt thick drops of liquid falling on their heads. As they looked up to see the source of the substance, their faces filled with horror. Directly above their heads were two bloody bodies hanging from the ceiling with a rope around their necks. They screamed in terror. The children pulled and jerked at the door knob, hoping to open it with brute force. No luck. Suddenly, the three kids were surprised to hear the soft ring of a little bell, sounding as if it were only a couple feet away from them, but they saw no one. The sound grew louder and louder until it felt as if the noise was coming directly behind them, just inches away from their ears. They turned and saw a little girl with a silver bell in her hand. As they got a closer look at her, they saw her eyes were stiff, devoid of emotion. Her skin pale and scarred. Her hair was dull, falling over her face in heaps. She was covered completely in blood, her clothes were torn and ripped. The children heard the sound of laughter one last time, and then everything turned dark. 

The Morrow parents broke into tears when they discovered their kids had not returned. Then, late at night, they heard the sound of laughter from downstairs. They both descended the stairs to inspect and was horrified at what saw. Right above the kitchen table where they had last eaten together as a family, were their three kids covered in blood, hanging from the ceiling, with a rope around their necks. The last thing they remembered was the chime of a little bell and loud laughter resonating together in harmony.