Graunke’s study of elephants


Mrs. Graunke and her Biology class study new topics in the world of Biology every day. Recently, Graunke’s class has been involved in a not-so-traditional topic – the study of elephants. This includes studying elephant population, poachers, and feces.


Over the past two weeks the class has participated in labs and assignments to help them truly understand the study of elephants and how they work. In the beginning of the year, they learned about lions and gradually as the year went by, they were slowly introduced to elephants.


One of Graunke’s biology students, Melanie Ibarra, says, “I personally enjoy learning about elephants and everything we do like the labs and activities.” Vicky Mora states, “It’s one of my favorite classes and the elephants are fascinating to learn about; I hope we stick on this subject for a while.”


Not only does Graunke’s biology class learn about the lives of elephants, but  Mr. Ciervo’s biology class does as well. Students seem to be taking pleasure in learning about the nontraditional subject.