The 2020 vision


Orcutt Academy’s Class of 2020 officers President Isabel Gurrero, Vice President Ari Cross, Treasurer Caden McCune and Secretary Olivia Bailey, met on Wednesday October 16th to discuss and plan activities and events for the upcoming year.


President Isabel Gurrero led the conversation first towards the fundraiser nights they are planning in the upcoming months. Gurrero states, “The fundraiser nights will take place with different restaurants over the next few months, although we are still currently organizing which restaurants we are choosing to partner with.” In previous years, the Class of 2020 has partnered with Chipotle, Blast 825, and Panda Express.


The Class of 2020 is in charge of planning prom for the junior and senior classes this year, and they are also in charge of planning Grad Nite. Prom at Orcutt Academy has always been a secret to the students, even including the officers until a few days before the day of. Orcutt Academy teacher and Class of 2020 advisor Mr. Michael Shaw is in charge of planning the location, theme, and ways of transportation for this year’s Prom, all but the theme to be kept secret until the night of. 


The first 20 prom tickets are to be sold at $125 each, and they go on sale November 4th. However, this year, after the first 20 tickets are sold, all other tickets are being sold at a full price of $150. First semester, Seniors are the only class allowed to buy tickets for Prom, keeping the Juniors at bay until Spring semester. 


Last year’s Grad Nite was different than previous years, it being at Six Flags Magic Mountain rather than Disneyland. However, Class of 2020 was able to snag a spot this year for the seniors at Disney’s California Adventure. Tickets for Grad Nite are being sold at an official price of $175 a piece. 


Additionally, the Class of 2020 has decided to make shirts for the senior students, each shirt selling for $15 in the business office. So far, the officers have sold 25, and the number continues to climb higher. 


Make sure to keep up to date with all of the activities this year’s senior class has planned for the student body.