2019 Homecoming week recap


The homecoming week of October 7th-11th, 2019 was a wild success, with droves of both upper and lower classmen participating. The dance’s theme this year was ‘Mount Olympus at Moonlight,’ created and executed by OA’s ASB class. The dance’s theme spread into both the school rally and the corresponding spirit week. The week allowed classes two opportunities a day to win points, plus additional opportunities during the rally on Friday. 


The ASB class kept the week interesting, with something specific to the theme to wear each day including pajamas, socks and sandals, band t-shirts, athletic wear, and a blue out. All the days had clever matching names, for example, ‘Hit the Hay like Hypnos’ on Monday and ‘Achilles’ Heel’ on Tuesday. The most hilarious of the school’s shenanigans, aside from the rally, came from the chaotically competitive lunchtime activities.


The senior class won four of the five lunchtime activities and the junior class won one. The sophomores dominated Wednesday’s chariot pack with a stunning 51 people in their ‘chariot,’ but were left in the dust by seniors who won the potato sack race, push up contest, balloon toss, and the ping pong tournament. The competitions’ winners were as follows: Nathan Calhoun won the ping pong tournament, Ray Lara won the push-up contest, Jordan Jose won the sack race, and lastly the winning team for the balloon toss included Jordan Miller, Jordan Jose, Savannah Sanchez, and Taylor Martinez. The winning sophomore chariot pack team included over ninety students within the two rounds that took place. 


The spirit days, however, were won through Instagram by liking the class post. Juniors won Monday’s pajamas post, but were again out shined by seniors who won the next four Instagram posts. The senior class ended the last LTA before the rally in the lead with eighty points over the junior and sophomore classes’ respective ten points. 


The rally was a game changer for the class competition though, with four rally games worth up to fifty points. The senior class won first place for both class shopping carts and bleacher decorations, sticking with the theme of the Greek God Zeus. Mr. Joshua Mason rode in the senior’s decked out shopping cart as the only teacher in the competition, possibly contributing to their overall creativity. Each class had a Godly Greek theme: Freshman were Apollo, sophomores were Hades, Juniors were Poseidon , and Seniors were Zeus. 


The ultimate goal of the class point competition was to gain control of the Spartan Spirit Sword, a symbol of class success. The sword is a new addition to OA’s rallies, and will be the prize of spirit weeks going forward. The senior class currently has control of the sword after their two-hundred point total put them in first place at the end of the rally, which also awarded them ice cream sandwiches. 


The spirit week and respective rally ended with a bang, after the Senior class’s smashing success during both the rally and spirit week.