“Bouncing” forward with the Ping Pong Club’s first tournament

Orcutt Academy has many clubs, the Ping Pong Club being one of the most social and interactive clubs on campus. Beginning at the start of the 2018-19 school year, many have been interested in the club from the start. Due to the club’s growing excitement and popularity, ASB decided to host its first Homecoming Ping Pong Tournament this past week.

Ping Pong Club and ASB president Nathan Calhoun states that Ping Pong Club began as a place for his friends and him to hangout and play ping pong during lunch. From there, the club began to expand and included anyone who wanted to play. Although the club had already been around for a while, many teachers decided not to go through with it for the fear of students messing around in the hallways. However, last year was the first year Orcutt Academy teachers allowed the club to run. As president of the club, Calhoun brought along his friends, and they eventually brought more people.

During this year’s Homecoming Week, Calhoun and others decided to add a Ping Pong Tournament as one of the week’s lunch time activities. “Hayley Parker and I decided a Ping Pong Tournament would be the best,” states Calhoun. Thirty-two people signed up, and that was enough for a thirty-two people bracket of players which would compete throughout the week. A few participants didn’t show up but those who did had a lot of fun and got to test their abilities of playing ping pong. Calhoun ended up winning the tournament against his opponent Troy Fulton.

Even though this is Calhoun’s last year at Orcutt Academy, he hopes for the Ping Pong Club to continue after he leaves. Overall, his experience with the tournament was great and he enjoyed playing with new people every day.