Finally! A new Netflix original anime!

Are you interested in watching a TV show that surrounds the adventures of a cranky, big-haired immortal who adventures around with, two adorable, absent-minded robots and a screaming pink, hot rod with the ability to transform into a robotic bull? If so, be prepared to be mind blown by Netflix’s newest original anime series Cannon Busters.  


Adapted from the comic book series written and created by LeSean Thomas, Cannon Busters is a refreshing oasis of action-packed science fiction and Western fantasy, featuring genuinely likable characters and captivating art designs. In its first season, Cannon Busters manages to craft an expansive, futuristic setting while mixing in some still retaining modern elements, that gives it a fresh, modern feel. Some series take hundreds of episodes to develop this kind of fantastical world,  yet Cannon Busters does it in all in 12 episodes.


With a fantastic premise and an even more intriguing cast of characters, Cannon Busters shines. The animation is on point with intriguing designs not often seen in other series. With a diverse set of races, body sizes, and mech creations that are far beyond the scope of  your typical black-haired, annoying protagonist who is captivated by love. Cannon Busters is incomparable to other animes in the way the characters were created with  fresh, unique looks and interesting personalities. It is impossible to find an anime that is remotely similar.


While the animation and soundtrack of the show are fantastic, it lacks successful execution of character development. Cannon Busters certainly has an identity of its own, but with just 12 22-minute episodes, the characters do not have room to breathe and develop. An entire group of recurring villains are built up over the course of the series, only to barely be used in some anticlimactic fights at the very end. Even though this is only the first season and the show wants to build interest for the future, we don’t learn enough about the characters outside of surface level connections. 


If the unique plot, characters, and animations fail to impress you, then there is no way you can deny the upbeat hip-hop soundtrack that Cannon Busters treats us with. The opening theme “Showdown,” performed by Marty Grimes and BJORCK, is unlike any other OP I have ever heard. This song is so addictive you won’t even want to press the “Skip Intro” button. What makes this song especially appealing is the contrast of the English lyrics with the original Japanese dubbing. For most English speakers, it is difficult to watch a TV show episode while having to read the subtitles, but with this anime’s OP and ED, you won’t have to run into that problem during your Netflix binge-watching. So if all else fails to grab your attention, the incredibly addictive soundtrack is sure to draw you in. 

Netflix has yet to announce if Cannon Busters will return for a second season but given how far the anime series has come, the fact that the show is being released at all is worth celebrating. Some fans have been waiting years to see this day. And though we don’t yet know what the show’s future holds, this new animated series is available on Netflix for all audiences to watch.