Football captain leads to victory


Katelyn Hess

Ryan Lacaste, Reporter

So far the Orcutt Academy Spartans football team has been playing hard at games this season. With a few losses and a few wins, the season has been a solid one for the Spartans. Through leadership and determination, Alex Sutton has led his fellow teammates to success over the past few games.


Despite being taken off the field for some of the games, he still manages to get back onto the field, ready to make another play. During practice he works as hard as he can while teaching the others more about the game. Sutton a junior going into his 3rd football season is a veteran to the game. Playing as starting running back, full back, and tight end he plays every position well and can execute every play. 


Here are what his teammates have to say about him.

“He is really good, no matter what, he motivates the whole team. I don’t know, he’s one of the best teammates I’ve had and he’s helped me a lot.” says Zander Clark.

“Alex, is an all around good guy, he’s usually encouraging out in practice and at games with a good work ethic and a strong sense of determination.” says Jordan.


With not many more games to go, Sutton hopes to lead the Spartans to victory for the rest of the season. We wish him luck and look forward to watching him at games.