Spooky P.H.E.W. Review


Don’t have any plans this Halloween? You’re in luck, because ahead lies a list of games you could play, music you could hear, food you could eat, and movies you could watch this spooky season.

Play This: Ouija Board
The Ouija Board, also known as a spirit board, was created in1894 in hopes to use letters and numbers to communicate with the dead. Players place their fingers on a heart-shaped piece of wood called a “planchette” which is moved around the board to spell out words. Catholic and Christian denominations have warned not to use the board because it can lead to demonic possession.

Hear This: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson
Thriller by Micheal Jackson is a classic song based around the idea of horror. The music and lyrics evoke scary feelings, with sound effects such as wind, footsteps, and thunder. In the music video Jackson becomes a zombie and dances with the crowd of the undead. It ends with a sequence performed by horror actor Vincent Price.

Eat This: Skittles
Skittles were first advertised in 1974, and ever since have become widely known across the world. According to forbes.com, America’s top ranked Halloween candy this year is Skittles. Although every Skittle holds a different flavor, their fruit-flavored centers will always be a favorite.

Watch This: Halloweentown
Halloweentown, released in 1998, is a series of fantasy which includes witches, warlocks, vampires, and more. The films are based around a group of kids who follow their grandma back home to Halloweentown, discovering they’re a family of witches. Disney Channel released four different Halloweentown films which have been Halloween classics ever since.