The top 10 horror novels you should be reading this spooky season


For those who love a good horror novel, or are just looking for an extra gory ready this spooky season, here’s a list of the top 10 horror novels that you should be reading.


  1. Interview with the Vampire – Written by Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire tells the story of 200 year old vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac tells the story of his life to an unnamed reporter. Because the novel is based around this interview, there isn’t as much of a plot as the other novels, which leaves the reader wanting more of a story.


  1. Misery – Crazed fan Annie Wilkes rescues author Paul Sheldon and takes him to a remote cabin in the woods, and tortures him until he changes the way her favorite novel ends. Written by Stephen King, this horror novel is short but sweet, however not his finest work.


  1. Frankenstein – Victor Frankenstein, a fearless inventor, has always been fascinated with life after death. After years of studying and research, he creates a creature out of old body parts. Written by Mary Shelly in 1818, the language used can be somewhat confusing, which is why it falls toward the bottom of the list.


  1. Dracula – Young English lawyer Johnathan Harker embarks on a journey to Castle Dracula in the town of Transylvania, to stay with a nobleman named Count Dracula. After meeting local guests in the town of Transylvania, Harker realizes Count Dracula is not who he seems to be. The author Bram Stoker does a wonderful job providing details of Count Dracula, and how he lives his life as a Vampire in a town full of humans.


  1. Rosemary’s Baby – Released in 1967, Rosemary’s Baby has sold over four million copies, and was titled the top best selling horror novel of the 1960’s. Rosemary Woodhouse, and her husband Guy, move into an old haunted house in New York City, and eventually decide to settle down and have a baby. Following a horrible nightmare with an unknown monster, Rosemary finds out she is suddenly pregnant. 


  1. House of Leaves – Johnny Truant finds a manuscript of a newly deceased man in his apartment about the Navidson family. The author Mark Z. Danielewski puts many twists and turns in this novel, while also having each page have a different layout, confusing the reader, but also keeping them on their toes throughout the duration of the book. Many people describe this as a Horror novel, however few, including the author, describe it as Romance, truly leaving it up to the reader’s  interpretation. 


  1. Insomnia – Also set in the town of Derry, Maine comes a lesser known novel by Stephen King titled Insomnia. After his wife’s death, widower Ralph Roberts develops a case of Insomnia, waking up earlier and earlier each day, and seeing things around him turn to chaos. Although King released this novel in 1994, it has not been the most popular of his works, which puts this novel at number four.


  1. IT – Recently created into a film in 2017, IT by Stephen King has swept the nation while selling over 350 million copies worldwide since the novel was first published in 1986. IT follows a group of teenagers in the town of Derry, Maine, after an evil clown has begun to torment their city and the children that reside in it. Tying themes of friendship and anti bullying into his work, King opens up this novel for teenagers who understand the struggles of fitting in. Definitely a novel deserving of being in the top three.


  1. Carrie – In second place comes another hit novel by Stephen King. Carrie White, a teenager with telekinetic powers, lives her whole life as an outcast, alongside her deranged mother. When Carrie discovers her powers, her world flips upside down, causing disorder and confusion in her life, in shocking events leading up to her senior prom. King does a wonderful job portraying the hardships of trying to fit in throughout highschool, while also keeping the reader engulfed in fear. 


  1. The Shining – From the king of horror, Stephen King, comes this classic, terrifyingly beautiful novel. We follow the Torrance family into the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains, to the Overlook Hotel where mayhem ensues. A form of evil takes over Jack Torrance, leaving his family scared for their lives. Selling over one million copies since its release in 1977, The Shining is a must read for fans of King, and fans of horror in general. The brilliantly crafted storyline is incomparable, placing The Shining as the number one horror novel you should be reading this spooky season.