College Now!, What is it?

Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

This late into the year, College Now! has been mentioned in classes. But do people really know what it is, much less how someone can use it to their advantage? We hope to answer these questions and give some tips for participating in these unique college classes.

What is it?

College Now! is a program in which high school students that meet certain requirements are able to take classes at Allan Hancock College for free. College Now! can give students the opportunity to save money and time while earning college credits that apply to both high school and college transcripts. There are well over three-hundred classes for students to choose from. Juniors and Seniors can participate as long as they have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. If a person has two or more free periods, they must have a 3.5 GPA or higher along with special permission from their counselor. Freshman and sophomores can get a piece of the pie too; however,they must turn in an appeal  before hand. Another bonus to College Now! is in the language requirements. Just one semester of a language at Hancock counts for two years at Orcutt Academy. 

How does someone participate?

Before someone starts the process of using College Now!, they should first self evaluate and be sure they can handle taking a college course. Am I independent? Can I manage my time accordingly? What about resources? Do I have a reliable ride? Can I afford a college textbook?

Or, better yet, does the OA library have one I can borrow? These aspects build an ideal college student. Answering yes to all of these questions means a person is ready to sign up. It’s summed into six easy steps.

  1. Being sure that you can handle the extra workload as well as the raised expectations is key.
  2. Assuming you didn’t take Prod 301 as a Freshman, you’ll need to create a myHancock account which can be done online.
  3. Meet with a counselor to see if any special arrangements need to be made.
  4. Go to the Hancock website and check the dates and availability of the class you want to take as well as what days class meets on. Anybody who doesn’t know how to do this should do it with their counselor when at their initial meeting.
  5. If you are a senior or junior and don’t need an appeal, you should fill out all the paperwork from your counselor. This includes a signature from both a parent and a counselor.
  6. Take the completely filled out paperwork as well as a high school transcript to the administration and records building at Allan Hancock.
  7. While in class, keep up on assignments and the class agenda by using Student canvas. Canvas can be found on the myHancock website or in the app store.

Counselors recommend taking at least one class every year to stay ahead of the competition when applying to colleges. It is a great way to save money and opens up more opportunities for classes that could better apply to the individual person. If anybody has questions, they should talk to their counselor before classes fill up.