Ask Athena

Dear Athena, 

I am so worried about the homecoming dance coming up.  I don’t have a date and don’t know if I should go or not. Please help me decide what I should do! 


Stressed and Embarrassed


Dear Stressed and Embarrassed, 

Don’t let having or not having a date stop you from experiencing something different. You should go with some friends. Many of the dances at OA are groups of friends going together, dancing, listening to music, laughing, and just having a good time together.




Dear Athena,

I’m panicking about my classes. It’s too late to drop them, but I don’t know if I can make it through the entire semester in these classes. What should I do?


Panicked and Regretful


Dear Panicked and Regretful,

It’s time to dig in and get to work. In life, we often find ourselves in situations that we do not know how to get out of. This is where character is built. If you really work at it, you may even surprise yourself and accomplish some things that you did not know you could.




Dear Athena, 

I am really confused about something. How do I prepare for my future without knowing what I want to do? I honestly have no idea about my career path, but still want to be on track! 


Confused and Concerned


Dear Confused and Concerned,

Even for those that think that they know what they want to do, things could and very likely will change. Just doing your best at everything you try and being open to try and experience new things may lead you to an amazing destiny that you never even dreamed or thought about. You only live once so be your best you and be open to positive experiences that may be waiting for you.

Best Regards,