P.H.E.W: How to Boost Your Spooky Season this Year

Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

Is Halloween starting to become a drag? Are your friends unable to find a single worthwhile spooky-time activity other than trick or treating? Well it just so happens that I have some skele-fun activities for you and friends. #SquadGhouls

(The Lore Brothers)

The Halloween tradition of carving orange squash, better known as Jack O’ Lanterns, dates back to the 1660’s in Scotland. This tradition arose from an Irish man known by the name of Stingy Jack. Jack had a drink with the devil at a bar convincing the devil to to transform into a coin and pay for the bar tab. To the Devil’s consternation, he found himself trapped in the coin with only Jack knowing how to get him out. Jack agreed to let the devil go so long as the devil didn’t claim Jack’s soul upon his death. When Jack finally did die, the devil kept his word. However, since Jack was a sinner and couldn’t go to heaven, he was forced to travel the world in darkness using a small candle placed in a hollowed out radish. This Halloween, how about you and some friends mix it up a little bit and use something other than pumpkins. In the 18th century, the Jack O’ Lantern tradition entailed using potatoes and turnips. Carve a potato this Spooktober with some friends and bake it afterwards for a ghoulishly delicious dinner. Bone Appetite.

If you enjoy Halloween as much as me, then you’ll enjoy some of the best Halloween remixes of 2019. Of course you can spend a couple hours searching through youtube and spotify to find the perfect Halloween jams for your Stingy Jack carvings, or you could leave it to the Spartan Oracle to guide you with three of the most creative songs for your Halloween grind. First up on the list, a song most people have probably never heard of: “Witch Doctor” which can be found on youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYgOlqinH7A

The second song is something everybody has probably heard at one point during Halloween and/or Christmas. “This is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a classic from everyone’s childhood and makes its way on to the best of Halloween playlist. Lastly, a Mr. Shaw favorite, “Halloween Song” from the 1986 feature length film The Worst Witch. Type these songs into your search bar and you are sure to find other songs that are just as fire as these three. 

It’s just the worst when you’re at a Halloween party and the only options are soda and water. Well don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered for the ultimate kid friendly punch. Just combine some lime sherbet, 12 oz. of frozen lime juice, 12 oz. of frozen lemon juice, 36 oz. of water and 4 qts. of lemon lime soda or ginger ale depending on how much you like citrus. Top it off with some green and blue food coloring and maybe some dry ice if you have it. To really sweeten the deal, combine several drops of red food dye and water and poor it into a rubber glove, tie the end of the glove, and freeze it. Once completely frozen, take the ice out of the glove and toss it in the punch for a mysterious floating hand effect. This ghostly concoction is sure to get some, “Oh my gourd!” reactions.

So the party is starting to die out and the last of the stragglers want to watch a movie. What do you do! Do you shoot for something scary and risk your guests not sleeping for a week or do you go for a classic and risk putting everyone to sleep? Alas, I have an answer that combines the two into a slightly twisted comedy, that fits in perfect for the October season. The Haunted Mansion starring Eddy Murphy is the perfect movie to get some laughs along with several nail biting scenes.

Using just one or more of the tips in this article is sure to give you the most lit party where you can shake yo BOO-ty. I’d make a skeleton joke as a final send off but I seriously doubt you’d find it humerus.