Spartan Speak: What’s your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Dressing up for Halloween has been a tradition for years and years. Some costumes are simple, others complex. This week the Oracle asked Spartans what their favorite costume has been, and why.

Junior Tatyana Rojas says, “One time when I was eleven I dressed up as a Lakers Girl because my dad and I really like the Lakers. We watch their games all the time.”

“I think my favorite costume was when I was eight; I was an Olympic gymnast because I was really into gymnastics at the time,” shares sophomore Vanessa Lopez.

“One year Hayley Parker and I dressed up as a zoo animal and a zookeeper. I think that’s been my favorite one,” laughs senior Jaymee Moyer.

Freshman Jessie Aladco says simply, “My favorite costume was Tinker Bell because I was small.”

Junior class clown Gavin Naylor includes a story with his answer, saying, “Two years ago I dressed up as a banana and I had sunglasses on with a backwards hat. I went trick-or-treating at some lady’s house and she said, ‘I really like your banana.’ It was really weird but really funny, so that would be my favorite costume.”

Sophomore Cayden Widing says, “My favorite was Spongebob when I was nine because the costume was bigger than my entire body and I painted my face yellow. It was really cool pretending to be Spongebob and just yelling at people all the time.”

Junior Dean Samuel shares a sweet memory. He says, “I’d say my favorite costume was my M&M costume when I was young because I like M&Ms and I was matching with my brother.” Bradley Samuel, who has since graduated from Orcutt Academy, probably values that Halloween too.

Senior Micah Rauscher shares, “I dressed up as Rich Sugar, and it was my favorite because he’s an Asian rapper.”