Trouble in math? Take Math Support!


Students describe their experiences and the help of Orcutt Academy’s Math Support class.


Ms. Hubbard’s 5th period, Math Support, provides freshmen and sophomores extra help on their math classes with help from other students as well as their assigned tutor. This way, students can get more hands-on help with their classmates. The class is very popular, as it is both convenient and helpful. It is most popular among lower classmen who have been recommended or need an extra push in their math courses.  


Math Support is a convenient opportunity for students to get the help they need. While a hired tutor may cost about $30-$40 per hour, student tutors in Math Support are provided by the school at no cost. Because these tutors have experience in the material, as they themselves were taught years before, there is no need to stress over whether a hired tutor knows anything already. This class also provides a period dedicated to working on and finding math homework “so [they] don’t have to do it at home so [they may] focus on other subjects,” says Natalia Ridenour, a freshman in Math Support. With focusing on other subjects, students are often able to raise grades in other classes, study more often, and possibly able to have time for themselves. 


As it is convenient, the class is also very helpful. “With the help of my tutor… I was able to understand certain concepts…  and now I’m able to finish my work more easily,” says Jackson Carroll, another freshman student in Math Support. Ms.Hubbard and her tutors make material more understandable and hands-on for the tutees. 


Any student who may be struggling in their own math class should consider Math Support. This class offers convenient, reliable, and knowledgeable sources for those who apply.