An exciting year for the dance team

Isis Perez, Reporter

There is a group of girls here at Orcutt Academy that have a passion for dancing! With weekly one-hour practices and their own choreography, performances are an exciting time for the dance team. The dancers go year-round performing halftime shows at school football and basketball games and a competition in the spring. 

The team consists of four freshmen, five sophomores, and one junior; they are coached by Janet Reese. Although they do not have a choreographer to help out, these girls get creative. The way the dances are formed is one girl comes up with an idea or dance and teaches it to the rest of the team. “I think it’s really cool that everyone gets a chance to choreograph if they’d like. I am currently working on the Halloween dance, ” expressed junior Jenelle. Their practices take place in the MU afterschool until 3:45 pm every Wednesday and Thursday. 

“When we all met we instantly clicked and I think we have always been very close. I mean most of us hangout together outside of dance.” Sophomore Kayla Tucay is a member of the team and speaks very highly of her teammates Isis King, Sarah Parkinson, Lindsey Syslo, Allison Reese, Jessica Rivera, Julia Pankonin, Katie Hossli, Jenelle Zubiate, and Violet Jordan. Before each dance, the team makes sure to huddle up together and hug each other. This is a tradition they have done since last year to support each other and calm nerves. They get through it together and it always turns out well. 

The team has plans to compete this year, so they are pushing fundraising. This is a goal they are focused on and will hopefully achieve with the help of each other. Good luck this year spartans!