Art Part: Isabella Macias

Victoria Mora, Reporter

Orcutt Academy sophomore Isabella Macias has been drawing ever since she was a kid. She is currently in Art 2 and has taken classes at Allan Hancock College. With her talent, it’s almost impossible to believe that she has only taken the number of classes she has. 

An art piece usually takes her about a week to complete. When she’s not painting, she is usually playing with her dog, Koda, or working on homework. Here are just a few of her creations:

For this one she combined two pieces made by Edvard Munch.

For this painting she gridded the boxes and had to carefully paint each one with watercolors. 

For this one she used cardboard and painted with a space theme then used a box cutter to cut out the details. 

This is also made with watercolor and is based off the video game Nier Automata

This is a picture of her dog, also in watercolor 

And for this final piece she made a custom stamp by carving into a rubber like block then painting and stamping it.