Orcutt’s annual Chalk Festival is a huge success


The  annual Orcutt Children’s Arts Foundation Chalk Festival  got lots of attention with new talented artists, our own Orcutt Academy Band, and singers all from across the state coming to show off their skills.


Starting at eight in the morning, artists across California came to quaint Old Orcutt to start marking up the sidewalk with all sorts of colors. From abstract shapes to self portraits, there was nothing not worth seeing at this festival. The art is officially open to the public at 10 o’clock along with the first performers supplying more entertainment. There was nothing but smiles from everyone watching as our Orcutt Academy Band played numerous songs to excite the crowd and represent our school in a positive way. 


During these performances, there were activities for everyone of all ages. Starting with food trucks with options for everyone, from vegan burgers to snow cones and ice cream. To keep the kids entertained, there were smaller drawing areas with provided chalk. Students and adults volunteered by setting up tents for spectators to enjoy their food in the shade. There was never a dull moment during the festival, even when it ended at four there was still a crowd enjoying the varieties of art. All in all the 2019 OCAF Chalk Festival was a huge success for everyone involved.