Cheer leads the way to homecoming

Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

Riley Speers, co-captain for the cheer team is mixing it up this year. “The biggest  difference from last year is the amount of girls on the team,” Riley says, “Last year, there were 16 people on the team. This year we have 24.” What this means is the team can add another power pod, a group on the team that combine to make a pyramid, to the performance making the routine bigger and better. Eight new people will most certainly open new doors to unique and exciting routines.

The cheer team’s goal this year is to start fundraising as soon as possible in order to get to nationals. If the team is successful, they will fly to Hawaii to continue competing. The school will not be providing funding to the team this year as it put too much stress on Orcutt Academy’s budget, according to Speers. Plans for fundraising are in the works. The team is putting on a haunted house in the MU on October 26. The tickets are $10 and the whole team participates.

The team was fortunate enough to not lose anyone last year but are training the lower classmen on the team to prepare for when the team loses it’s three seniors at the end of the season. Lucy Genge, secondary base, says we can look forward the homecoming rally and game, along with performances at the Basketball rally and some of the basketball games.

If you want to see the Cheer teams hard work on display you can attend Orcutt Academy’s Homecoming Game this friday at Pioneer Valley.