A look into the world of K-12

October 8, 2019

You think going to school is hard? Try being in the shoes of Melanie Martinez’s character Crybaby in her recently released album and film, K-12. Martinez has always been one of my favorite artists with her vintage/alternative style in music, fashion, and her everyday life. After waiting nearly four years for this album to drop, I can safely say it did not disappoint!


K-12 is the continued storyline of Martinez’s first album, Crybaby, which follows the character Crybaby throughout her years in school. Crybaby is a very sensitive young girl who has many strange experiences during her years of growing up. She has a best friend named Angelita and they meet weird, different characters along the way. 


Martinez is known for writing about touchy subjects in a playful manner. For example, her song “Strawberry Shortcake” is about the societal pressures placed on girls and also mentions sexual harassment. . Another song, “Orange Juice”, is about body image issues and aims to remind people to love themselves despite other’s opinions. I admire Martinez’s honesty and how she is unafraid to go against societal norms, which is evident through her album and film.  


There are so many amazing elements to the whole album, but the film is where everything ties together. Martinez self directed most of her music videos in the past, along with designing the costumes and what the set looked like. With her film, she directed and wrote all lines, created characters and what they would look like, meanwhile also starring as the main character.. The film itself is one big musical comedy storybook for her album, as she sings each song in order of the album to really tell the story. Every aspect is flawlessly pieced together and entertaining. 


I also think Martinez did an outstanding job of playing the role of Crybaby. It does help that Crybaby is essentially an alternate version of herself, but this made the film ten times better! She really made her audience understand Crybaby and why she is the way she is. The artist made everyone understand the emotion behind each of the songs as well. How she showed it through dance and facial expressions made everything that much more believable. 


I highly recommend everyone to go check out this piece of art, especially if you’re into unusual things. The K-12 album and film are available on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. 

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