Victoria Mora, Reporter

Orcutt Academy High School’s Drama Class will be performing “Puffs”, a Harry Potter inspired play. If you want something to do in November, make sure to buy tickets to this hilarious show! 

Even with more than a month of rehearsals left, everything seems to be in order and running smoothly. The actors and understudies are working together to make sure they know where to move on stage and helping each other with any lines that are forgotten. Grace Howard, a member of the wardrobe crew, states “I think the actors involved are going to do a great job based on what I’ve seen so far and given the opportunity I think the understudies are going to do great in their roles.”

Victoria Mora

 Wardrobe crews are organizing the props and costumes and checking to see if everything arrived. Sound crews are figuring out what sounds to use and where to use them. Lighting crews are also hard at work deciding on the mood of the scene to find what color will be displayed.

Sabrina Dana will be portraying multiple characters in the production. When asked how the play was coming along so far, she said, “It’s going really good. This year there are so many talented people and I’m extremely happy to be in this class and it’s a great way to start my day.” 

Victoria Mora

Clear your calendar and watch one of the showings of “Puffs.” The play will be running from November 14th to the 16th in the Orcutt Academy Multi-use room.