Room 3 Eubanks

Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

Room 3 has some important activities going on this week in Mrs. Eubanks senior English class. Applying knowledge from books they read to current situations, seniors got some deep ideas flowing in a Semocratic seminar.

Mrs. Eubanks hopes to give her seniors a more effective way to find answers to difficult questions and thinks Socratic Seminars are the best tool for the job. “Wisdom begins in wonder.” This insight is something Socrates invested his life into sharing and something Mrs. Eubanks wants everyone to understand. Her students were given the choice to base the seminar on either of the two books they read so far, The Catcher in the Rye, or The Bell Jar.

Essentially, a Socratic Seminar is made up of five students discussing a central  question by posing more questions in order to explore different facets of the answer. From this, any of the other students can sit in the “hot seat” where they can bring up their own questions or offer insight to something someone else said, “The more questions that we ask and the more questions lead our discussions,” Mrs. Eubanks asserts, “ the more likely we are to learn deeper meaning in things.” This week will certainly provide some beneficial knowledge to students and may even inspire some seniors to take on a Socratic attitude towards life. 

Students who took Honors English as a ninth or tenth grader will recognize this method of discussion. Hopefully, seniors will be able to get some review and clear up any misconceptions they may have had before taking a test on the book. The seminar should be beneficial to students hoping to express their opinion on a topic in the book and will be a great way to let students be heard. So look forward to seeing some enlightened seniors next week.