How does Student Leadership manage such an eventful year?

Isis Perez, Reporter

There is no doubt that ASB works hard year round to make many events happen. Although it gets exhausting always trying to come up with new ideas to get students involved with one another. This driven group of student leaders took a day to unite with other schools on Tuesday September 24 at the Santa Maria Fairpark to exchange ideas on how to make events fitting for all students through an organization called CADA. 

CADA stands for California Association of Directors of Activities.

As an ASB student, I had a great time at this local event.  Not only does student leadership put on dances and rallies. We also plan spirit days, form lunchtime activities, and help clubs as well as teachers and staff on campus. When attending this event, I heard a variety of ideas that our fellow schools have as well as gave input about what us here at Orcutt Academy do. At this event, there were speakers, games to play, and many people to interact with. 

Fellow ASB student, Hayden Umphenour, also had a great time and stated she learned a lot from others. “I like how interactive it was, that’s what it’s about.” It is good to get to work with others and see what has worked for each school that we may be able to implement here at OA even though we are a small school. “We work with what we have and do a good job at it,” is what was expressed by Hayden. Although our school does have a smaller amount of teenagers attending it, that does not stop us.