Breakin’ records with Sonia



Orcutt Academy junior Sonia Wasserman has been breaking records with the girls cross country (XC) team. Being featured in the Santa Maria times and winning award after award, Wasserman has been the talk of the Orcutt Academy sports programs. XC has competed in just four meets this year, and Wasserman has topped every record she has been set to tackle.


Before this year, Wasserman had never been on a cross country team, though she had kept active playing on the girls varsity basketball team her previous two years at Orcutt Academy. “I’ve always found running boring actually, but my mom has run her entire life, so it just came naturally to me,” Wasserman shares. 


This being Wasserman’s first year on the Orcutt Academy cross country team, she was just as surprised to be breaking records throughout her league as much as her coach was. Wasserman explains that her friend and fellow teammate Devyn Kendrick pushed her to join the team after discovering her abilities. She states, “My friend (Kendrick) had been trying to get me to join the past few years, and so had her dad, so I decided to just do it.”


Wasserman has won multiple awards in her short time being involved with the cross country team, including finishing in third place at the Central Coast Challenge, hosted at the Elks Unocal Event Center on September 10th. Wasserman comments on her previous races saying, “There were a few [races] I want to get a better time for, so next year it will be redemption for me.”


Things are looking up for Wasserman, as she plans to continue running for her senior year, or as she puts it, “I’m good at what I do, and I think it would be stupid to throw my talent away so soon.”