Why should you join ECS?

Early Childhood Studies is a very popular class at Orcutt Academy High School. Mr. Shaw, ECS teacher, discusses the class’s intention for the year. 


Early Childhood Studies (ECS) aims to educate students about the physical and mental development of an individual. The class is concurrent enrollment with Allan Hancock College, meaning the class is more challenging, but all passing students receive college credit. 


The class is very popular among juniors and seniors. Only a certain amount of enrolling students are accepted into the class because it’s in  high demand. Using an online program, provided by the school, each student is able to generate their own child with inherited traits and personalities. Every student is able to make decisions regarding their child, which will later affect the child as it grows older. This method of cause-and-effect makes the class “really interesting and fun for people who want to have a family when they grow up,” says Zach Krause, an ECS student. 


Mr. Shaw has been teaching ECS for 18 years, but only 6 years have been at OAHS. “It is an interesting course. I think it’s something that everyone has questions about,” says Mr. Shaw. 

ECS prepares students for child upbringing. This class provides a starter for advanced ECS classes in college . It opens more opportunities to work with children’s mental and physical development: such as a teacher, physcologist, or even as a parent later on.  


ECS is one of the most popular classes at OAHS because it challenges students. More students should choose to apply because the methods used are fun and rewarding, the class deems college credit, and gives rise to working with children or human development for work.