ASB President, Nathan Calhoun, expresses excitement about this school year


This new school year brings a lot of changes to the ASB crew on campus. Former Treasurer of ASB, Nathan Calhoun, takes over as President and Graham Culbara takes over as ASB advisor.  I sat down with the new president to discuss how his experience of being president has been and what we can expect from him and ASB this school year.

 Calhoun has been working for this position ever since he was a freshman, and expressed how honored he is to be able to have this opportunity.. 

“It’s a lot more involved, you have to go to a lot more meetings and as the president you’re the face of the class which I’ve enjoyed being,” Calhoun explained. Being the face of the class is something he has to get used to:  freshman year he didn’t know too many people, so going all the way to being the figurehead of the student body has been a change. Nathan started high school with a focus on the class of 2020, being the treasurer freshman year and president sophomore year. Calhoun changed his quest to ASB presidency with the drive to focus on “big picture” activities when he entered his junior year, becoming treasurer of ASB and finally becoming president this school year. 

Calhoun credits attending the leadership camps CADA and HOBY the summer of junior year, as the places where he learned how to effectively lead others.  

Regarding the switch of advisors from Mrs. Stephenson to Mr. Culbara, Nathan refers to this change as a “refreshing new look for ASB.” He says Culbara’s advisory is about teaching leadership skills through lessons while Stephenson tried to apply the knowledge through activities. Nathan then went on to describe what ASB has been planning so far and he explains how we are currently in the first of three seasons of ASB. 

Currently we are in the “Season of Start”, which includes many back to school activities and selling ASB stickers which is a big part of ASB funding. The second season is the “Season of Spirit”, which includes homecoming week, which he says is the biggest thing ASB puts on all year. The third season is the “Season of Service” that involves charitable work like last year’s Gravity Water project. The fourth and final, the “Season of Shine” is new to this year and includes activities like the Spartan Showcase, aimed to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. 

Calhoun reported that ASB did an outstanding job raising money last year for Gravity Water. Through this charity the student body helped fund a freshwater tank for a school in Vietnam. Nathan said this year, they are going to raise money for a local charity on the Central Coast but they plan to do Gravity Water every 4 years. Finally, Nathan expressed his excitement to meet everyone who’s new to OA and urges everybody to buy a homecoming ticket!