Top 10: things to do with your “boo thang” during spooky season

It’s the beginning of spooky season, and what’s better than spending that time with your bae. Here are the top 10 things to do with your boo thang during this upcoming spooky season.


  1. Read scary stories to each other in a homemade fort or outside while watching the stars and eating snacks.


  1. Go on a night hike out in the wilderness, this could be a perfect time to whip out your scary stories to make the night a bit more interesting, but make sure you stay safe Spartans.


  1. Go to a local corn maze and get “lost”. Once you and your boo get lost, it’s time to make that move you’ve been waiting to make.


  1. Bake Halloween cookies and decorate them with frosting to make them look as spooky as possible.


  1. Find a couples costume to match with your boo on Halloween, when you go trick-or-treating.


  1. Decorate each others room as time to bond with each other. This also gives you an opportunity to just talk about life or finish eating all the cookies you guys baked earlier.


  1. You and your boo could go take some super cute Instagram pics at your local pumpkin patch wearing your most stylish fall attire.


  1. Watch Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween movie marathon. This could result in lots of cuddles, especially if bae is easily frightened.


  1. Make your significant other a spooky basket. These can consist of candies, Halloween socks, and other sentimental items such as photos and cute little notes.


  1. Go to a halloween horror night at an amusement park. Enjoy holding hands, walking from ride to ride, while  someone with a chainsaw chases behind you. It can’t get any more romantic than that.