Old Town Orcutt is now trendy with this new drink shop

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Valerie Jimenez

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August 31st marked an exciting day in old Orcutt  as doors opened to reveal the town’s new kombucha hotspot, Pipers Kombucha Brew  


Situated beside the local favorite diner, Kays Country Kitchen, the new business has something unique to sell; kombucha. Well known for its supposed health benefits, kombucha is typically a mix of fermented sweet tea with antioxidants that can kill harmful bacteria. The trendy drink can be made in a variety of flavors, ranging from anything berry-related to ginger and spices. 


Pipers Kombucha Brew pays extra attention to the quality of their drinks, going so far as to handcraft every flavor. Co-owner, Shane Piper, uses fresh and organic ingredients that are grown locally for each batch.  


Some students at Orcutt Academy High School have voiced their curiosity about the unusual beverage and the new shop nearby. A junior, Tatiana Rojas, raves about the kombucha shop by saying, “It’s super cute, and it gives me a lounge vibe because of the records they play. Everyone is just hanging out drinking ‘booch.” 


With jars of ‘SCOBY’ (culture of bacteria and yeast that makes kombucha fizzy) stacking high on rustic brick walls and background music perfectly suited for relaxation, Piper’s ambiance attracts more customers each day

 Local citizen, Karina Lopez, claims to really enjoy the shop as she says there’s an obvious difference between a store-bought kombucha versus a drink from Piper’s.  


Based on the reviews so far, it seems like the hip new kombucha bar could be a great local hang-out spot for students and friends. Pipers Kombucha Brew will hopefully bring out the youth in Old Orcutt with their authentic drinks and good service.