Art Part: Joy Henderson has a hand for nature


In her junior year at Orcutt Academy High School, Joy Henderson is pushing the boundaries of mundane academics as she excels in the art world.  The young AP Art student has worked hard for success and continues to achieve as her art account flows with over 6,000 adoring followers. But Henderson’s collection is less about the number of likes it receives on social media and has more to do with her ability to share beauty with the world.    


In her work, the artist draws inspiration from the natural world and enjoys reflecting what she sees in a creative way. Landscapes and nature are often the centerpieces of Henderson’s paintings, with various mediums such as canvas, vinyl records, and notebooks. From musical instruments to clothing or shoes, the creator can seemingly take any object and make it aesthetically pleasing with a brush and some paint. With vibrant colors and beautiful scenery, Henderson’s paintings work like poetry as they praise the earth and its natural charm.  


On the topic of her large Instagram following, Henderson says she often collaborates with other artists to build their platforms. By staying consistent and producing quality work, Henderson’s admirers continue to grow in number. Keep scrolling to see pieces of her work! 

A Picture off of Joy’s Instagram
A Painting off of Joy’s Instagram.
Another One-off of her Instagram
This is off of Joy’s Instagram



If Joy Henderson’s aim is to inspire others, she does just that with a creative mind and her wonderful artistry.