This battle won’t end as well as Endgame did

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This battle won’t end as well as Endgame did

The Avengers may have taken out Thanos, but will Sony defeat Marvel? Your Spidey-senses might be telling you this will be a rough fight. With Marvel/Disney wanting half of the Spiderman franchise, Sony claims they don’t need the help of Marvel Studios anymore.


Sometimes people expect a little more than what they’re worth. Right now, Disney is asking for too much of the gross from the Spiderman movies. While the network was previously happy to receive a small percentage of income from the 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming and the 2019 Spider-Man Far From Home, they are no longer content with that amount… A deal with Sony allowed  Marvel to use the Spider-Man character in a Captain America sequel, Civil War, and in two Avengers films, Infinity War and Endgame. Though, the deal is no longer satisfying enough for Disney. 


With two more Spider-Man movies in the making, Disney and Marvel were hoping to help out with the films to expand the collaboration. Disney, feeling like they deserved more, instead asked Sony for a 50/50 deal. Sony claimed the price is more than what they’re willing to pay, seeing as how they already have some solid movie ideas. By outing this, Sony suggests they’d be fine without the president of Marvel and film producer, Kevin Feige. 


Even though money plays a major role, this battle over Spider-Man isn’t all about finances. , Rather, its partly due to Feige not receiving the credit he was owed. The producer contributed to other Spider-Man movies but claims to have never received the credit he deserves. 


As of now, Disney and Sony have kicked Marvel out of the picture. The two companies failed to reach an agreement because Disney wanted the 50/50 deal.  Disney decided not to seek out the help of Feige and Marvel studios for the next upcoming Spider-Man films.  It’s been decided that Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man himself, will be starring in the upcoming films. 


Lovers of the Spider-Man series have anxiously awaited news of its fate, with rumors of ending the superheroes reign altogether causing mass worry. Orcutt Academy High School junior, Lacy Barns, said: “I’m not that well versed with the sides, so I don’t have an opinion, I just want Spider-Man back, I want Tom Holland!” 


A definitive answer has yet to be publicly released, so the case remains up in the air. Feige and Marvel wouldn’t have been excluded from the future films if Sony would have accepted the 50/50 deal and the rest of Disney’s terms. Though, if the world is granted Tom Holland as Spider-Man, perhaps all of the drama will be put aside by fans.