Mrs. DePalma

Ryan Lacaste, Reporter

Welcome Mrs. DePalma,

As many know, it’s not easy for teachers to leave the schools they’ve been teaching at. While we’ll miss Mr. Bennett, his leaving has opened up a job opportunity for another teacher now working at Orcutt Academy High School. Now introducing to the campus: is Mrs. Bridgette DePalma Steed, taking over the Health and Weight classes at OAHS 

DePalma began teaching in 1988 at Hoover High School in Glendale.“It was a very big campus with many ethnic groups, like the Armenians and Hispanics, and it was very interesting to learn more about their lifestyles and culture,” DePalma shares. She also taught Physical Education (PE) and Health at the high school alongside coaching the water polo and swim team.

DePalma has taught at many schools locally as well. From teaching at Orcutt Junior High (OJHS), to Lakeview, to Joe Nightingale, she is well known in our community. She says her favorite part of teaching is seeing her kids grow. Everytime she walks down for her current 5th period PE class, the OJHS seventh graders would give her hugs and greet their former teacher.

So far, DePalma’s experience at OAHS has been really good. She says she’s still adjusting to the schedule because she’s mainly been teaching elementary, but she loves her prep period because she’s never had one while teaching younger kids. She also likes zero period with the boys football team and really enjoys high school kids. 

DePalma loves this school and says it’s her favorite so far, mentioning she hopes to “not move classrooms again.” She hopes to teach here until she retires, and we hope she continues to enjoy her time at OAHS as she begins this journey.