Fans say goodbye after five spectacular seasons

Isis Perez, Reporter

Without a doubt, fans of Jane the Virgin hoped the day would never come when we’d have to say goodbye to this amusing soap opera. This Netflix show has caused tears, as well as laughs, to thousands over the past five years, it will be missed.

From the first episode to the last of season five, there were action packed scenes that made many scared to look away for even a second: not wanting to miss any details. It has just the right amount of sugar and spice mixed in to make the perfect dialogue to keep fans entertained. With the main actress’ mother anxiously waiting to see if chemotherapy has worked, and also herself waiting for a letter saying her son was not switched at birth, it is a crazy time in the Villanueva Solano De la Vega households. Which is why fans are so hooked on the look of the way season five ends. 

With so many obstacles to Jane and Rafael’s life and blocked the way of their happiness, many were left to wonder, was the ending really that predictable? If you have followed Jane since episode one, you have seen that all she has wanted and dreamed about, literally, was a happy ending for her books. But her dreams have all come true: to have a real life happy ending for herself as well. 

Gina Rodriguez as well as the whole Jane the Virgin cast will be missed by all their fans on Netflix. Goodbye Jane Gloriana Villanueva.