Are Disney live-action remakes really worth it?

Through the use of latest computer technologies, Walt Disney Studios has recreated many beloved classes. However, it is argued whether these re-creations are worth watching. 


Walt Disney Studios has been reproducing some of the company’s earlier featured films through live-action. Because of improving quality of equipment, movie corporations are able to work more easily and effectively with computer art and animation. Some of these re-enactments include Cinderella, Maleficent, Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, Dumbo, and The Lion King. 


Because of the enhanced quality of these films, production costs a lot more. The production team must be able to use caliber equipment while providing for a larger film crew. Each Disney’s live-action classics  cost on average of $180 million. The highest-costing movie is The Lion King, costing $260 million, and lowest being Dumbo, at $170 million. However, a higher cost of production does not mean that the product was extravagant. Dumbo only had an income of $114 million, causing Disney to lose a significant  earnings. 


Evolving and improving methods of animation and film has pushed production companies to enhance how their productions are perceived. These methods are costing more as technologies improve. Companies rely on the worth of their films to provide for the creations of other films, but when these films fail or don’t reach the quota, it causes debt throughout the corporation. This means most of Disney’s live-action movies have a greater likelihood of hurting the company rather than supporting it.