Spartans Speak: what advice would you give your 10 year old self?


From not focusing on school work to making poor decisions with your friends, we all have our regrets from when we were younger. We went and spoke to Spartans on campus and asked them what advice they would give their 10 year old selves.






Junior, Katelyn Hess would have wanted to focus on her personal health. When asked what advice she’d give her 10 year old self, Hess says, “Be happy, as much as you can and just live in the moment.”








 Senior andASB president Nathan Calhoun also says he regrets not focusing on the moment. Calhoun says, “ Don’t stress about the moment and focus on the now.”








Foreign Exchange student Simon Veltens says he would do nothing different. “So far I’ve been happy and I haven’t had a reason to change anything.”








Freshman Brendan Cleveland, would have told himself to always finish his homework and finish on time so he’d never be caught behind in school.









Teacher and Golf coach Mr. Jim McManus, says if he could talk to his 10 year old self, he also would’ve wanted to focus on the moment as a kid. “I would have told myself to live each day and not go grow up too fast.







Senior Winston Harris  went with a more specific answer. Harris explained, “I would tell younger Winston that everything in scary movies isn’t real, like the clown from IT, that stuff scared me a lot as a kid.”









Junior Brendan Real’s stated, “I would tell my 10 year old self to work harder now, so he doesn’t have to work as hard in the future.”









Sophomore Dylan Felix was very strait-forward with his response, “Start running earlier so I will be more prepared for highschool track.”








 Orcutt Academy Athletic Trainer, Ms. Davis says, “No matter what adversities I may face in the future, just be happy and handle it responsibly.”








Senior Taylor Martinez would have told herself, “Enjoy the people in her life while they are there, because I think I took some people’s presence for granted.”