Spartan speak: Healthy water, healthy students

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Spartan speak: Healthy water, healthy students

Kris Gilbertson, Reporter

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The class of 2019 graciously said farewell to Orcutt Academy with a much appreciated gift. They bought the campus a new purifying drinking fountain along with a water bottle fill station. Many students appreciate the new focus on student health while others think the money could have been better spent elsewhere. Here’s a look at what the Spartans had to say about the new hydration station.

Nathan Calhoun, a senior and ASB president said, “I think it’s a good thing since it displays how many plastic bottles we’ve saved. It really shows the students how they are impacting the environment in a positive way.” 

Aidan Crowley, a junior, says, “The new reusable bottle fill up system was a great idea and really applies to the Hydroflask fad. The design looks sleek and gives a futuristic vibe to the school.”

Abraham Villanueva, a junior, thought, “ The new water fountain is a really great upgrade. It tastes better and comes out much faster. It feels like a great first step to making Orcutt Academy a better place for students.”

Zach Burnham, a junior, told us, “I like the new water fountain. Especially the new bottle filling feature. Now I can fill my Hydroflask at school.”

Killian King, a sophomore, said, “It’s delicious to drink out of. It’s much quicker. The filter system is great. I think this was a great addition to the school.”

Ryan Kozel, a junior, had this to say, “I really love the new water fountain. I wish I could use it more but it’s not near most of my classes. I do really like the filter system built in.”

Angi Cangelosi, a junior, “The water is surprisingly good. The water comes out clear and is much cleaner. I like the fill up station in particular.”

Jaden Fernandez, a junior, “I really enjoy the upgraded fountain. The old one was dirty and often clogged. The water as of right now, is fairly clean and tastes great. I’d like it if every classroom could have one.”

Sebastian Thau, a junior, said, “I think the new water fountain is a great way to encourage kids to stay hydrated. Especially the water bottle fill up station.”

Simon Veltens, a senior, “The water in the classrooms is pretty gross much like the water at my school in Belgium. So it’s really nice to have a fountain with good water. Especially because it’s much hotter here than I’m used to.”