NFL power rankings

Ryan Lacaste, Reporter

As the new football season kicks off there are many new athletes and coaches ready to show off what they got. Some already having a great season, while others starting a little slower than others. Here are my top 10  NFL teams of the season.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles

At the tenth place, the Eagles come soaring in. With a well fought game against the Redskins, the Eagles have shown that they have the potential to become a threat in the league this season. If they want to be championship level again their running game and defense will have to step up.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers

Coming in at number 9 is the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers won a great battle against the Colts in overtime even without their star running back, Melvin Gordon. Austin Ekeler, their RB2, stepped up and was one of the main reasons why the Chargers won that game. The only concern is their defense losing Derwin James due to surgery on his foot may prove to be a fatal blow to this team.


  1. Baltimore Ravens

Flying in come the Ravens for the eighth spot. The Ravens have been on fire for the past few games. Lamar Jackson’s accurate passes have lead the ravens to many wins so far. With their young talent and improved offensive line, the Ravens will soar high throughout this season.


  1. Minnesota Vikings

Coming in at number seven is the Minnesota Vikings. Everything about the Vikings have been solid with a great QB, a strong running game, and an incredible defense the Vikings have nothing to fear this season.


  1. Green Bay Packers

After a slow game against the Bears, the Packers proved that their defense can win games. With the Bears own tough defense, Aaron Rogers could only lead the Packers to one touchdown which proved just enough to pull out the win, and the sixth spot on my rankings.


  1. Los Angeles Rams

Coming in at 5 are the Rams. Despite their loss at the Super Bowl last season the rams came prepared and ready for the next one. Todd Gurley led his team to victory against the panthers and looks hungry to claim his first ring this season.


  1. New Orleans Saints

Coming in at number 4 are the Saints. After a very close game against the Texans the Saints prove that they can be a contender for the Super Bowl this year. Even after a botched call from the referees, the Saints still came out with the win led by Drew Brees and an outstanding 58 yard field goal by Will Lutz to steal the victory.


  1. Dallas Cowboy

The Cowboys take the third spot after dominating win against the Giants. With an outstanding QB performance by Dak Prescott and a strong defense, the Cowboys look to go very far this season. 


  1. Kansas City Chiefs

The number 2 stop goes to the Chiefs. After a sad loss against the Patriots last season the Chiefs look to redeem themselves this year with a Super Bowl win. Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to a blowout win against the Jaguars and looks to dominate the league this season.


  1. New England Patriots

After an amazing season with a Super Bowl win the Patriots look to add another trophy to their collection. With Brady still healthy and Antonio Brown, who recently got added to the team, the Patriots look unstoppable this season and appear ready to win the Super Bowl.